You owe it to yourself to Glitz, Glam, & Go For It!

goal getter-problem solver-brandologist-consultant-connector

goal getter-problem solver-brandologist-consultant-connector

Helping you Glitz, Glam, & Go For It!


Helping you Glitz, Glam, & Go For It!

Glitzing, Glamming, & Going For It

You Owe it to yourself to Glitz, Glam, & Go For it!

Do you find yourself fantasizing about something new? Wanting to live a different life? Desiring to maximize results?Wondering what would happen if you just went for it? Yes? Well, what's stopping you? It is our responsibility to build and nurture our dreams. If we don't, we will spend our lives building someone elses. That's where we come in. We are here to help you develop and execute your "it" plan. We didn't get here alone...and neither will you.

Glam, A Quick Note...

Our site is currently being glammed up so that we may better assist you with "going for it"! However, we would still love to connect! Click on "Let's Connect" to send us an email.

Why Us?

Shaneal is strategic, polished, results-oriented professional who specializes in managing a brand as an asset. An expert in her field, she provides public relations, marketing, and brand development consulting, as well as personal/goals/lifestyle coaching.

With a proven track record of helping clients increase revenue, create a competitve advantage, and improve marketing/promotional efficiencies, Shaneal Clayborne Consulting helps you "go for it".

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